RoboMic is the world's first 3 axis remote controlled microphone stand, a long-time sound engineers', musicians' and audio recording DIY aficionados' dream come true.


 After 3 years of development and continuous evolution based on engineers', musician and home studio owners' input, RoboMic is ready to hit the market and change the way professionals on the audio recording field are used to work.


 No more continuous walking back and forth from the Control Room to the Live Room to fix that mic position, or even putting yourself under high levels of sound pressure moving the microphone around in a session whilst musicians are playing.


 What about finding that "sweet spot" on a guitar amp whilst comfortably seated in front of your speakers while you are playing and shaping your guitar sound without the need to stand up?


Mixing with the mic? No problem. Using reamping techniques you can easily position your instrument sound in the mix just by tweaking the microphone distance and angle from source.


RoboMic is built to last, custom made from first grade aluminium and heavy duty plastic.




• Fine resolution of movement on three independent axis. 

  (Horizontal: 12" / Vertical: 12" / Axis: 360º)


• Remote controlled operation (up to 300 feet).

• Supports any standard microphone from small dynamics up to heavier condensers.

• Provides dynamic microphone placement without the need for an assistant or exposure to high volume.

• Mic placement allows you to "EQ with the Microphone" for more natural sound compared to external, artificial EQ's.


• Used with "Reamping" techniques allows you to "Mix with the Microphone" for a more natural placement in the mix.


• Used next to another fix microphone allows fast phase  matching.

• Ideally for guitar/bass amps, acoustic instruments and snare/bass drum but works on any instrument.


• Aluminium and stainless steel made for long lasting, corrosion free performance.


• Dimensions: 

 Length: 23" (59cm) | Height: 24.5" (62cm) | Width: 10" (25cm).

• Weight: 8.5 Pounds / 3.8kg.


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For best audio/video performance and hearing the audio changes, please select "HD" on Youtube and use headphones

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