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Welcome To My Site.

Wow! You made it up to here. That’s quite a compliment… or maybe you got here by accident, who knows... 


In any case: Welcome!

 This is a “Bio” page so I should write about myself, which could get a little tricky (or worst case, boring to read) but I’ll try my best. Most of this things are usually written in third person, highlighting the wonders of the musician and how "special" he/she is (hopefully to get booked I guess), but I’ll try to speak from a personal point of view merging what I’ve done with what I like so it hopefully

becomes a more appealing thing to read.


 By the way, have in mind that english is not my first language so you’ll probably find some typos here and there, as I won’t be bothering my local friends (I'm living in London at the moment) to correct all the nonsense I can come up with for this bio.

But I strongly encourage you to send me an email or text (there’s a chat in the site) if you find any, it could be a fun way to interact...


Now to "da thing"...


 I loved music since I can even remember, and besides the fact I love to do a lot of music related stuff (recording, producing, mixing, graphic design, video…) I always pictured myself being nothing but a musician. You can call it “narrow lucky thinking”. So far so good...

 I was born long ago in a small town called Pergamino, deep down south (I mean down, down south). These where pre internet days so if you combine that with a country style town, you can already figure out access to music (at least decent one) was quite a luxury. But we had our secret weapons to know about the world, one of them called “VHS”. I remember watching a movie and if I like a song it was being played there, I will take pen and paper, wait for the end credits and ‘deduct” which songs was the one I liked. That left me with 2/3 options that I would take to any of the 2 local record stores, where they would tell me “yeah sure I know that, maybe I can get it for next week”, which will never happened, but I was a kid and that kept me going. 

 In one of the few trips to the capital we did with our school, I could get a hold of two CDs of B.B. King (a new thing back then). There where “The Best Of” and that meant that they where actually really old recordings from the 50s (music industry note: those songs are cheap to license and after 50 years become public domain, that's what you'll find a lot of those "best of" compilations that sound like crap). But that was enough to blow my mind at the time. I loved the vibe and playing but the sound was obviously pretty raw. That changed when I got a hold of “the Sky Is Crying”, a post-mortem album by Stevie Ray Vaughan (he died too young in 1990) and that was it for me: the sound was fat, clear and modern, and at the same time raw with that in-your-face attitude. From there and with some research I started to discover all of this guy’s influences (note: although being one of the most important blues guitarist that ever lived, SRV was very humble and always quoted his influences, which was a great help to discover new music): Jimmy Hendrix, The 3 Kings (Albert, Freddie, BB), Albert Collins, and so on. I got a hold on of an Albert Collins record in those days called “Don’t Loose Your Cool”. Man I still enjoy that album like it was new. It’s all recorded on tape and with all the band playing together, most of the personal on the albums are legends by themselves. You can really hear that room and the vibe in there. Albert was a little different from all the other bluesman back then and it was mostly because had a lot of "funk" in his music. I really liked that vibe so I started diggin’ back until I ended up on the man who started it all: James Brown.


 I would need a whole new site just to talk about him and the tons of stuff I learned (and still trying to learn) from him. He and his band got everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. The music was raw and fresh, the band was the tightest I ever heard, they looked sharp and that little dude was nothing but an hurricane on stage. If you’re serious about music I highly recommend you to check as much as you can from that man, from his records and live videos to his biography. Don’t let yourself be fooled by the "scandals" or his later work and check albums like “Funky People”, “Foundations of Funk” or “In the Jungle Groove”. Especially if you can, get a hold of  “Star Now”, a 4 album set with his most important tunes by year, and listen how he and handful of musicians developed one of the most popular music styles ever and even set the base for HipHop and Rap. 

(More to come...)

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